Joseph J. Lennox

Education Specialist For Space Program History,

Space Science & Technology

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    Programs have been given with NASA Astronauts Tom Stafford, Terry Hart and Franklin Chang-Diaz and the NASA Teacher Resource Facility. I have been a consultant and provider of memorabilia to Rob Cork, Mission Commander at the Challenger Center in Paramus, New Jersey


  • Bob Cenker, Astronaut, Princeton, New Jersey

  • Mike Leinbach, NASA Space Shuttle Launch Director, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

  • Howard Benedict, Director, Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

  • Julie Gados, Curator, The Newark Planetarium, Newark, New Jersey

  • Janet Chen, Director, The Gifted Child Society, Glen Rock, New Jersey

  • Patricia Canzani, Teacher, Ridgewood School System, Ridgewood, New Jersey


  • Attended LaGuardia Aeronautical College

  • Member, National Space Society, The Space Explorers Network, National Science Teachers Assoc., Space Foundation

  • Featured on Canadian Broadcasting Company radio series about Space Exploration

  • Subject of numerous newspaper articles.

  • Appeared on MSNBC-TV for retrospective of the 30th anniversary of the Apollo moon landings

  • Dates, times, presentation length and the number of participants are based on your needs.  Fees are reasonable and adjustable.


To teach the children of today about the fantastic accomplishments that have been achieved through the exploration of space making it easier for them to understand the complexities of space science and technology. This educating process will hopefully lead to the scientists and astronauts of tomorrow.
Programs on any one, or a combination of these subjects, are designed specifically for the age group or grade level that is involved, with special programs for advanced or gifted students.

    These programs are given using authentic spacecraft hardware, detailed scale models, actual flight documentation, charts, pictures, historical items and many other types of displays. Audio / visual items are available if you prefer. A notebook computer provides the participants with access to numerous pieces of space related software that dramatically display and illustrate space history and technology.

    Complex and complicated space concepts are explained by their comparison to normal every day activities.  Standard household items are used to help the student better comprehend the wonders and intricacies of space flight. In addition, the students’ experience is greatly enhanced because they are given the opportunity to handle actual spacecraft hardware, including items that have flown in space.

    Questions are taken and encouraged throughout and after the program and the tremendous importance of reading is highly stressed.
  • Space Program History            Individual Misson s/Prpgrams       The Future in Space


  • Space Science & Technology    Planetary Exploration                    Space Related Occupations


  • International Space Station      The Challenger Accident               The Space Shuttle


  • Space Exploration Benefits       The Moon Landings                       The Hubble Space Telescope

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